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We have people all the time mistakenly ASSUME that we are Christians. We hear them say: "Of course, this is an anti-Atheism website so they must be Christian." After 22 years of combined experience, study and research we started a website about 2 years ago discussing and flawed logic and reasoning behind Atheism. Unfortunately we didn't disguise our identity and ended up getting death threats on an almost daily basis. One of our staff had to actually physically move and get a restraining order. The perpetrator of that incident is currently in jail brought up on charges of attempted murder. He is currently serving a 12 year sentence.

So we had to shut down and start over from scratch. It worked out fine though because it solidified in our minds the inability of most Atheists to reason or think for themselves, contrary to what they would have us believe and it also magnified the EXTREMELY dangerous movement of Atheism.

So we started this website in the hopes of rebuilding our online community. This time we have better security and we have disguised our identity to protect ourselves and our families. Oh, and by the way, we are all former Atheists. After blindly following secular society and the lies taught to us in school we began to think for ourselves and we realized the many huge mistakes of Atheism. Yes that's right. We are "Freethinkers" and our free thinking has led us to believe Atheism to be absolutely wrong about almost everything. We have come to conclusions not because we were fed religious junk from birth, not by being indoctrinated in some religion, but by researching, using our logic and reasoning skills and opening our minds to the possibility that we may be wrong.

Oh, and for the record, we are still against religion. We despise religion just like any Atheist would, the only difference is that we also despise what the Atheism movement is doing. Atheism is doing nothing more than what religions have done in the past. Atheism is brainwashing people into thinking that Atheism is some sort of higher level of thinking and living. Atheism has effectively disguised itself as intellectual, scientific and even academic in the attempt to make it appear something it is NOT.

Atheism could even be called a cult by some definitions of the word. Atheists will not stop until every ounce of religious freedom is taken away. If the Atheists group had their way religion would be outlawed. Of course you should be able to see the hypocrisy of this. Atheism promotes freedom from religion while at the same time pushing it's ideals and beliefs on everyone. And they get away with it by refusing to acknowledge that Atheism is obviously itself an organized group of people with a common belief about god. Sounds strangely like a religion doesn't it? You can't get much more hypocritical than that.

Well, anyway, you can read more about this on the site. Be sure to send us your comments and join us in the forum.

Staff of AtheismsFallacies.com  

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