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Atheism Evangelism

I bet you didn't know that Atheism has Evangelists. This page will be updated as more information is found, but to start I would like to share from one of today's most prominent Atheist Evangelist, Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins: An Atheist's Call to Arms

The session was titled "The Design of Life," and the TED audience was probably expecting remarks about evolution's role in our history from biologist Richard Dawkins. Instead, he launched into a full-on appeal for atheists to make public their beliefs and to aggressively fight the incursion of religion into politics and education.

Scientists and intellectuals hold very different beliefs about God from the American public, he says, yet they are cowed by the overall political environment.

Dawkins' scornful tone drew strongly mixed reactions from the audience; some stood and applauded his courage. Others wondered whether his strident approach could do more harm than good. Dawkins went on to publish The God Delusion and become perhaps the world's best-known atheist.

ABC News: Atheist Activists

To those who say that there is no organized group of people who actively promote Atheism:


Door to Door Atheism Evangelism

This one is interesting. This is a great comedy sketch about the insane Mormon Door to Door witnessing routine.

Fed up with door-to-door Mormon missionaries,
John Safran decides to do a little proselytizing of his own.

While we recognize that this is just a comedy shtick routine, we can't help but point out that the atheists making that clip still went "door to door" promoting their belief system. Comedy routine or not they still went out to try and evangelize people to Atheism.

This is the whole point of our site. Atheists are forever hypocritically rejecting religions for the very things that they are doing themselves. There are a thousand ways to prove their point in that comedy routine without actually going door to door themselves yet for some "strange" reason they DID actually go door to door.

Besides, while the typical atheist may not actually go door to door some sure go to great lengths to express their beliefs and make it known that they are Atheists. They are good at sticking their noses in public conversations to express their point of view. I lost count how many times an Atheist would over hear a conversation of ours and attempt to butt his/her way into the conversation with the intention of educating/evangelizing me and my friends. Just like the Dane Cook routine. We have that on our blog because that actually happened before to a member of our staff.

Atheists evangelize, trust me. It's just not as apparent as other organizations like the Mormons.

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