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Free Thinkers

One of the things that bugs me the most about Atheism is that they have successfully integrated the term "Freethinkers" into their identity as a group. Some have even identified Atheists as "The Brights" implying that only Atheists can be intelligent.

A reader recently writes:
It’s hard to “backslide” from atheism to Christianity because you have to go from thinking to not thinking (at least if you become a born-again Christian, like Cameron & Comfort). Granted, it happens, but not often.

Backsliding from Christianity is also hard. Because you have to learn how to think. But as an ex-Christian, I must say that I moved forward and grew more — emotionally, intelectually, [sic] and even spiritually — after I stopped believing than I ever did when I was a Christian.
We are a little bit tired of this dogma/rhetoric and are taking this opportunity to speak out against the notion that only Atheists can be intelligent and free thinkers. The battle between Atheism and other organized groups that have a set of beliefs about god is bigger than I fear most people think and this is a way that Atheists can brainwash people into thinking that Spirituality is your ticket to unpopularity and non-mainstream.

Atheists use the same tactics as most companies that have something to sell. They are selling you a dogma that on the surface looks better, more popular, more intelligent so that people who are concerned about their appearance, about being popular, about what others think and about fitting in with the "in crowd" will join the movement. This is anything but freethinking. This is pure manipulation and nothing more than emotional abuse. Atheism preys on people's emotions and desire to do what's popular.

Is it possible to be spiritual and still think for oneself? Of course. Is it possible to be an Atheists simply because you are following the popular crowd and be brainwashed, not thinking for oneself? Of course. So why do Atheists proclaim the idea that they and only they are "freethinkers" and "Bright"? For only one purpose. For the express purpose of recruiting people to their belief system and to promote their belief system to the world in order to fulfill their agenda. Who wouldn't want to be associated with a group that has the identity of being smarter than everyone else?

Atheists are hypocritically doing the same things that they accuse spiritual religions of doing. They are manipulating people into thinking the way they want you to think so that they can spread their lies and false doctrine of humanism and secularism to the world.

I'm so tired of hearing Atheists claim that they are "free thinkers". Contrary to what Atheists preach, Atheists are NOT the ONLY "Freethinkers" around. Atheism does not have the patent on free thinking. Many, many Atheist are simply blindly following the popular view of a secular, liberal society that pushes Atheism on them and brain washes them with intellectualism and faulty science that is often fixed in order to support the theory of evolution and the Atheistic world view.

If you happen to be one of the billions of people who disagree with the Atheism left, then you are a bigoted, “anti-science” “religious nut.” And by extension, you, your beliefs, relevant portions of the Bible, Creation Science or anything else which might even be perceived as slightly “anti-Atheism” or “pro-spirituality” must either be forced to conform to the Atheists' view of things or be done away with altogether.

Atheists follow the teachings of their crowd just as any other religion. Atheists, don't think freely at all. All they do is find the information that supports their beliefs and then promote them. They push their beliefs on people and try and convert people to their way of thinking just like they hypocritically accuse other religions of doing. Don't believe me? Just put up a website like this one speaking out against Atheism and see how many loving emails and blog posts you get from the Atheists. I can't publish half of the emails I get because this site is listed as child friendly. 

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