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How the Annual Atheist Convention Proves that Atheism is a Religion or at the VERY LEAST Resembles a Religion

According to Matt Slick of carm.org, who attended the 33rd annual atheist convention, the following is what he learned about atheism after attending the convention:
  • Common Creed:

    There is No God or at least if there a god it can't be known. If there is a god, go against him. Spontaneous evolution explains the origin of life and all that exists. Life is just a chance occurrence and after life there is nothing. If religions are for it then Atheist are against it (i.e., abortion, homosexuality, hedonism, selfishness, etc.). Religion is evil especially Christianity. Atheism is a set of beliefs whether you like it or not.

  • Problem and Solution:

    There is a crisis of religious oppression in society and the solution is Atheism.

  • Meetings:

    Atheists gathered in groups with consistency. Atheists meet locally with fellow Atheists in local settings, state gatherings and national conferences.

  • Pulpit:

    The lectern from which the Preachers, er, I mean, Teachers teach. Adeas are promoted, and reasons for their belief system are validated.

  • Evangelistic:

    Atheists promote their dogma just like a religion. They push their beliefs on others and they try to convert people to their belief system. Atheists seek converts to their cause. They frequently talk about spreading the idea of atheism into society, and their meetings are a time for them to discuss how to move people away from the idea of theism.

  • Celebration over converts:

    Atheists rejoice when converts to their belief system were announced. There is applause and excitement when there are announcements about people who had "come out of the closet" an announced their atheism.

  • Zealous for their cause:

    Atheists want their cause and belief system expanded to the extent of changing America to reflect their thinking.

  • Exclusive:

    Atheists believe that only they have the truth. The atheists repeatedly speak of how atheism is the truth and that theists and deists were ignorant of facts, logic and reason.

  • Us against them mentality:

    There is a profound description of the division between atheism and theism with the atheists being the ones who were defending themselves against the intrusive theists.

  • Concerned about public image:

    Atheists are very concerned with how they are perceived and want to change their negative reputation.

  • Lack of critical thinking:

    This is common among every religion. Blindly following the leaders and the beliefs of the majority. Backward reasoning - Choosing their beliefs and then finding evidence to support their beliefs instead of gathering evidence, interpreting the data and basing beliefs on the evidence.

  • Misrepresentation of opposing views:

    This also is common among every religion. Atheists have a common ideology, and see others as being less enlightened.

  • Authority Hierarchy:

    Atheists have a hierarchy of leaders, followers (congregation), and interested visitors. Atheists use voting to progress their cause in society.

  • Tithing:

    Atheists don't have a formal tithe offering, but there are plenty of opportunities and solicitations to donate money and purchase products of which proceeds to to furthering the cause of Atheism and supporting its leaders.

If that doesn't resemble an organized religion, I don't know what does. Atheism is so organized, so obviously promoting a cause there is no other explanation for Atheism than a religion. Deny it all you want. When people gather around an idea, develop a cause and then promote it, religion forms whether you want it to or not, whether you like it or not. How ironic that Atheists, who are so against religion, would actually be involved in a religion afterall.


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