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This site exists to discuss Atheism and the faulty logic behind this growing belief system. Many people are fed up with religion and rightly so. We are also. But is Atheism the answer or is Atheism just another religion itself? We would like to explore these questions among others and bring to the attention of people the details which we hope will help others understand that Atheism, despite the claims of the most devout Atheists, is NOT based on logic, reasoning and rational thought. This site is designed to promote healthy thinking, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Now we understand and acknowledge that what we say on this site does not apply to everyone who bears the title Atheist. We acknowledge that there are many Atheists who do not subscribe to the system of thought belonging to the major Atheist organizations that are established.

There is, however, an ever growing population and subculture of Atheist thinkers who wish to push their Atheistic world view on others and reduce religion and God to nothing more than a psychotic delusion. These Atheists are what this site is against and what this site is about.

These Atheists are famous for making the claim that they choose their path through intellect, logic, reason and rational thought, however, most of their beliefs are illogical, unreasonable and far from intellectual. Our experiences of Atheism and these types of Atheists has demonstrated to us that they are a very closed minded group. They take every opportunity to verbally abuse and persecuting people of religion - especially Christians.

These Atheists have expressed to us that they feel they have superior knowledge and understanding about the world and humanity sighting that they are more logical, level headed, and intelligent than people of religion. This site exists to show the world the faulty logic and erroneous reasoning that makes up the beliefs of Atheism and the arguments they put forth against religion.

We've heard many Atheists state often and rather emphatically that they are against religion, Christianity in particular, because people follow the beliefs or their particular religion blindly without giving thought as to why. Probably, a better term for Atheism would be "Anti-Theism".

At some level we can relate to Atheism in this area, because we all have experienced the traditional, fundamental religious movements. We would even say religious abuse from the radical, fundamental religions contributes to the Atheistic mindset and that one of the causes of Atheism is the judgmental, authoritarian, traditionalist, fundamental churches that exist to simply spread their beliefs.

The first problem is, however, that Atheism makes a blanket assumption about ALL religions and teaches that once you come to a realization that religion doesn't always allow for logic, reasoning and free thought you should automatically become an Atheist. The second problem with this is that people follow Atheism and become Atheists for the exact same reason. People can follow the beliefs of Atheism blindly and, instead of thinking for themselves, become brainwashed accepting the Atheism world view without ever questioning or open mindedly considering the alternatives. Just are there are extremist, fundamentalist religious people in the world today, there are also extremist, fundamentalist Atheist.

This site exists to show people that one can be religious and logical at the same time all the while posessing freedom of thought. This site was also developed as a response to our experiences of Atheism and to those claims. It is our intention with this web site to prove that these claims are false and to prove the logical and reasoning fallacies embedded within the Atheism dogma. This site will address many issues that Atheism brings to the table. We will attempt to show the world that the claims of Atheism are not only illogical and unphilosophical they are downright cultish.

Finally, this site exists to combat the militant Atheists who wish to destroy our religious freedoms. Their movements to remove all traces of God from public life such as the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer and Bible study in school, forced learning of evolution, etc. must be met with resistance. We feel the need to fight back and fight against their religious oppression.

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